Conservas-Finest Tinned and Canned Seafood and Fish

Dan has had a lifelong love of tinned fishies (aka conservas, please see our selections below) and has explored the territory extensively. It started with sardines judiciously nicked from Grandpa Tubby’s stash and became a staple snack in college.

With his deeply ingrained appreciation of canned or tinned (either term is acceptable, they are essentially synonyms) fish and seafood, Dan is offering his best choices for you to buy and enjoy.

Admittedly, Americans are not overwhelmingly familiar with superior food products in a can. Spanish cockles, Portuguese mackerel, or even skipjack and bluefin tuna from the USA are not staple foods in America…yet.

With the gourmet level conservas offered here at Rainbow Tomatoes Garden, Dan presents a wide variety of from-the-ocean deliciousness. These selections are the product of an artisan approach. Freshness, quality, and the techniques of preservation and packaging are of the utmost concern.

Take a look around. Make your choices. Then gather with friends, add some tasty beverages and enjoy our conservas directly out of the can. Or as Michelin-star quality ingredients for small and large plate presentations. Bon appetit, connoisseurs!

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